Changing the Face of Environmental and Clinical Testing

Life Science Forensics (LSF), is a non-routine environmental and medical testing laboratory, dedicated to changing the way we view the environment and environmental analytics.

Caring for the environment is about more than being just good stewards for future generations; our environment can have a direct impact on our health and the health of our children. As our analytics improve and we are able to detect more pollutants in the environment, it is also important to understand what the impact of these emerging contaminants is on health and development.

Life Science Forensics is the lab that does not say no. There is always a solution to every problem! We have developed a number of novel solutions to the most routine and the most high-end scenarios.

Life Science Forensics has also developed unique screens for endocrine disruption, neurotoxicity, DNA damage and oxidative stress and mutagenicity activity. These bioassays can also be coupled with traditional, high-end, environmental analytical testing. This helps companies, governments, and other stakeholder determine the potential impacts of an environmental event. Further, it allows stakeholders to develop accurate response plans, mitigation strategies, and appropriate regulatory guidelines.

Life Science Forensics is also the premiere lab in Canada offering Human Metabolomics and Genomics Testing, as well as novel and extensive testing for Xenobiotics. As part of this service, because we recognize that looking for the good chemicals and the bad chemicals is very important, more important is, what do you DO with this information afterwards? Our clinicians will be able to help you to interpret the data and come up with an action plan in order to address your unique challenges. See our Services page for more information.


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