Scientist Moms

This will be my first posting and I thought I should give you a little more information about what we are trying to do here.  I have recently gone back to work with a long time friend who has worked in the analytical science industry for almost 20 years and has built and run environmental laboratories here in Calgary.  Since we met in our 20s we have both married and had children.  Now as mothers and scientists we often have conversations about things we are told is best for our children and if it is scientifically sound advice.  There is so much information that is accessible these days and sometimes you can read so much on a subject you can’t tell which way is up.  When swimming in all of this information how is anyone supposed to make a sound decision that may affect the health of your children or your children’s children (yes, no pressure there!)?  I used to do the default and ask my own mother:  but then remember we didn’t have to wear seatbelts when I was little, a peanut butter sandwich was the standard lunch and smoking was acceptable (sorry mom!).  So what we would like to do is review a variety of topics and provide the facts as best we can here in this blog.    We may not end up agreeing on the end result of the discussion, but are interested in making sure information has been displayed to help everyone make a sound decision.  It’s not always going to be about children as many of the topics will affect everyone for example leaky gut syndrome, the prevalence of ADHD, and even how to cook allergy free meals that taste good.

This blog will be linked on the Life Science Forensics company website.  We hope you will enjoy reading our posts and that they provide you with enough information to make the decision that is right for you.


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