Flint Water Crisis: What Should You Know About Lead

Water: a requirement of life. In Canada, most of us our lucky enough to turn on our tap and have fresh, clean water run out. Often we don’t think twice about what is in the water. The crisis in Flint, Michigan, however, has given us pause.

In Calgary, we have great municipal water, where the water treatment process removes lead from the water supply. The problem is that thousands of homes across Canada, including some in Calgary, still have lead pipes, exposing families to the toxic metal with every glass of water from their tap. Lead is often used in the soldering of the copper piping in home plumbing. Without proper treatment, it can leach from the pipes, into the water.

“Credible testing for lead and other toxic elements is extremely helpful”

Lead is a highly toxic metal that can build up in the body over months, resulting in lead poisoning. Children especially vulnerable. Even at very low concentrations, lead can cause severe developmental problems, both physically and mentally. Experts now say there is “no safe level” of lead.

“The accumulation of the toxic element lead is a common finding. A collection of lead in the body has been associated with many health problems including fatigue, dementia, depression, neurological difficulties, impaired cognition, and many more. Credible testing for lead and other toxic elements is extremely helpful in the medical assessment of individuals suffering from otherwise inexplicable health problems.” -Dr. Stephen Genius, Clinical Professor, University of Alberta

What can you do to make sure that you are not risking your health and safety?

LSF will help you test your home for lead sources. The most common sources of lead in homes will be paint and water – this is especially a concern for homes in older neighbourhoods. Providing us with paint and water samples, we can tell you if you are being exposed to lead. This information will help you make decisions about how to keep your home lead free.

Because lead accumulates over time, you may also want to know if you have already started accumulating lead that could be harmful to your health. LSF is able to test your blood for lead levels. With this testing, you can work with your physician to determine if there is treatment option to remove lead from your body.

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We are here to help you have the healthiest environment possible.