Specialty Clinical Testing

Click on the link at the bottom of the screen for a more comprehensive look at some of our screens. Remember, we are the lab that does not say no, and there is never any challenge that we cannot meet. Whatever you are looking to test, we will be able to figure out a solution. If another lab already does it, so can we. If a solution does not yet exist, we will find one.

Novel screens unique to LSF ONLY:

Xeno75 Screen

Environmental toxicants are foreign compounds that accumulate in the body and interrupt normal body functions. Many of these compounds are persistent organic pollutants that are subject to environmental regulations. Life Science Forensics provides specialty, low-level screening for common toxicants in biological matrices such as blood and urine.

BioHF Test

Developed specifically to diagnose the medical comorbidities that occur with children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, this is also a screen that is useful for a number of other relevant issues, such as: Gastrointestinal issues, autoimmune disease issues, mitochondrial disorders and many more. Talk to one of our clinicians today to see if it is something that will be useful to your specific health issues.

Click below for a list of our most requested and common tests.

LSF general analytes list

As a specialty laboratory, LSF may be able to provide service for compounds not listed here. Contact the laboratory at 587-437-8278 to see what we can do for you.

Because methods of exposure, the times elapsed since exposure, and the specific analyte can all influence what samples need to be collected, clients are asked to contact the laboratory for information on sampling requirements and protocols.

All sampling materials can be obtained from Life Science Forensics without added charge to the client, provided the materials are returned to LSF for testing. LSF recommends clients work with their medical provider to determine what testing is right for them.

Blood samples that are submitted to the laboratory without accompanying test results for infectious diseases performed in the last 3 months will be subject to an added charge.

Environmental and Clinical Pre-packaged Services