Our Team

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Stephanie Hoeppner, BSc, MBA, CFMP – Founder and Executive Managing Director

Ms. Stephanie Hoeppner has worked for over 24 years in the environmental laboratory and environmental consulting field. Currently she holds a BSc, an MBA, is a CFMP (Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner), is a diplomate of four high level nutrition programs (two of which are from Ivy League universities), and is working on completing a PhD in Public Health – Epidemiology with an emphasis on environmental determinants of chronic disease. She currently is running a specialty laboratory and clinical practice, focusing on human metabolomics, nutritional markers and persistent organic pollutants, environmental forensics, specialty ecotoxicological assessments and routine environmental samples, located in Calgary, Alberta.  Ms. Hoeppner began her career as a junior analyst, working her way up to executive management for large, multi-national chemistry companies. Ms. Hoeppner brings over two decades worth of laboratory experience, including business development, communication, management, and consulting to Life Science Forensics.

Her passion and enthusiasm for chemistry and public health is what motivated her to start Life Science Forensics, merging environmental toxicology, environmental medicine, and environmental reclamation. Ms. Hoeppner’s passion for the environment also means that in her free time she can be found enjoying all the beautiful camping locations across the prairies, sharing this time with her family.


Dr. Milan Ralitsch, PhD – Chairman of the Board

Dr. Milan Ralitsch has decades of experience with running, optimizing and managing laboratories and high-end complex instrumentation. Working closely with Dr. Birkholz for many years, he too has been involved in many complex legal cases and is an expert in chemical deformulation and environmental forensics.


Detlef (Deib) Birkholz, MSc, PhD, P.Chem – Analytical Consultant

Dr. Birkholz has over forty years of practical experience in analytical chemistry, research, environmental and human toxicology, and business. Major industrial clients, include: transportation, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and pulp and paper. Dr. Birkholz has worked for both the Federal government and industry. Deib, has proven a valuable resource to industry, government, and consultants, offering expertise in sampling, chemical analyses, data interpretation, toxicology, industrial problem solving, and forensic analyses. He has given numerous hours of court testimony and provided evidence in Provincial Court, Queens Bench and Federal Court.

Deib has provided training in evidence collection to industry and consultants and has organized several litigation seminars at key conferences with the assistance of defense lawyers, prosecutors and judges. Dr. Birkholz is currently an adjunct professor with the University of Alberta in Edmonton with teaching responsibilities at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He is a member of the oil spill identification network of experts within the Bonn Agreement (Bonn-OSINET).

Dr. Birkholz can be reached directly @






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