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Life Science Forensics is a specialty testing lab combining the overlapping fields of environmental chemistry, environmental medicine, and toxicology. Our focus is on metabolomics, including environmental toxicant testing and environmental forensics.

Why Metabolomics?

Metabolomics is best described as a chemical profile of the small molecules that occurring in cells, tissues, or biofluids. Using chemometric profiling to analyse the metabolome of an individual can give patients and health care providers a real-time snapshot of the current state of a person’s metabolism, and overall potential health, and the impacts that diet, nutrition, pharmaceutical use, and environmental toxicant exposures may be having. This information can be utilised by health care professionals to advise their patients of current risks and procedures to achieve optimal health.

Environmental Toxicant Testing

Foreign compounds, called toxicants, that accumulate in the body are known to interrupt body function and can cause a number of downstream adverse health effects, such as endocrine disruption. LSF provides individuals and health care practitioners the ability to test for the presence of toxicants in biological matrices to determine if these things may be impacting a patients health.

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Environmental Forensics Testing

Similar to criminal forensics, environmental forensics seeks to answer the questions of “who”, “what”, and “when” in regards to an environmental problem, whether it is identifying when a chemical spill occurred or whether a particular compound is naturally occurring. This science is based on small-molecule chemical profiling, identical to the processes used in metabolomics. Further, environmental forensics together with environmental metabolomics can help inform risks and responsibility regarding environmental disasters.

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Scientific Consulting

LSF recognises that metabolomics is a complex and emerging field and that many of our clients may find it necessary to seek professional advise regarding the testing and the interpretation of results. As professionals with decades of experience, the staff at LSF are available to consult with other professionals on issues concerning laboratory testing and results.

LSF will provide consulting on all results, regardless of what laboratory generated the data. We are here to provide trustworthy, evidence-based conclusions, based on high quality data. LSF staff are not clinicians and will not provide advice on medical treatments based on the outcome of the results.

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Nutritional Consulting

Nutrition has a large impact on the metabolome of an individual and can subsequently impact overall health. We believe that the laboratory testing results can only provide one piece of the puzzle when it comes to optimal health. This is why LSF does offer referral services to a Registered Dietitian, who can provide clients with diet and nutrition consulting.